Development of Virtual Store

Your company does not have a store yet? Or the store that your company has, is not something professional and does not bring results?

I have solutions for small and large companies that want to build a store with great performance, great reach and that impress their customers with a great impact when they enter your store!

I make available two store plans so that you can choose the one that best suits you! Economy and Custom Store.

Economy Store

Loja Econômica is ideal for beginners, small businesses and professionals who want to have their first contact with online sales and thus expand their business.

In the Economic Store I will edit a template made by me to meet your needs, changing only a few things in the design to not be completely the same as the others.

This store has administrative panel with everything you need to be able to manage your services! And also with the contracting of this package, I will assist you in your doubts about the panel.

Custom Store

This type of store is ideal for small, medium and large companies / professionals who already have a certain structure to meet a great demand and make a proper investment in marketing.

Unlike the Economy Store, the Custom Store I will make your store totally from scratch. We will together plan a layout of your taste and thus you will have an exclusive virtual shop.

Payment Methods

Are you interested? Submit a budget requesting your site to get started! You can pay in 2x (1x inbound and 2x at the end of the site) or in up to 12x in the card via Paypal.

Modo de preparo


To start the project, I will ask you some questions about your company / profession, such as colors you want, your target audience, so that we can understand what your company does.


After completing the study, we will begin to prepare your project, we will send images as they are done, so that you can totally agree with them.


Upon completion, we will send you the project via email, or at another location of your choice.


Economy Store: 3-7 working days.

Custom Store: working days.

Deadlines can take less time, as they may take longer than estimated data, before we close deals, when we‘ve already talked about how the store will be made, I‘ll give you a more accurate date to finalize your service.

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