Front End

In addition to creating layouts, I offer the front-end development service, that is, trimming html / css from your layout.

The Front End is made within the W3C standards, with validation, through Bootstrap, being totally responsive (Functional on cell phones, tablet and any type of monitor).

Payment Methods

Are you interested? Submit a budget requesting your site to get started! You can pay in 2x (1x inbound and 2x at the end of the site) or in up to 12x in the card via Paypal.

Modo de preparo


To start the project, I will ask you some questions about your company / profession, such as colors you want, your target audience, so that we can understand what your company does.


After completing the study, we will begin to prepare your project, we will send images as they are done, so that you can totally agree with them.


Upon completion, we will send you the project via email, or at another location of your choice.


Main page: 3-7 working days.

Other pages: 2-3 working days.

Timelines can take longer than they can take longer than estimated data, before we close deals, when we’ve already talked about how Front End will be done, I’ll give you a more accurate date to finalize your service.

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